Fee Structure

  1. Tuition fees are collected for the whole year in five installments.

  2. Other school fees are collected once for the whole year along with the tuition fees in April or at the time of admission.

  3. By February 25th all the installments should be paid.

  4. Collection of school fees will be done through Axsis Bank, Dalli Rajhara.

  5. Days fixed for collection of fee are on all the working days from 5th of the month up to 25th of the month in the Bank. On 9th, the fees will be collected at the school fee counter. If 27th of the month falls on a holiday, the payment can be made without fine on the next working day at the school fee counter.

  6. No student will be allowed to appear for the Annual examination unless all the fee dues are cleared.

  7. Those appearing for the Board examination will be given the admit card when the entire fees is cleared.

  8. Even though the institution is purely an unaided school, i.e. as it does not receive any grant from the Government. However, for very poor students and in grave necessities, concessions may be considered.

  9. The details of annual fee schedules are displayed on the School Notice Board. Parents and students shall follow the particulars of fee details displayed on the School.